About Us

Philodendron Verrucosum

A family business based in Lancashire United Kingdom. Specialising in Rare and Exotic Plants including Monstera, Philodendron, Begonia, Syngonium and Anthurium. We propagate from our own stock and ship to enthusiasts all over the world.

We have selectively sourced the best genetics from many thousands of species of rare and exotic plants to bring you show stopping healthy plants that have been acclimatised to the UK environment.

We dont use any type of peat or soil, all are plants are grown in a special substrate!

We take every care throughout the whole growing process as to ensure young plants have the best start and are healthy, and pest free.

We only release plants that have been in our care for at least 2 months after they have been acclimatised the uk environment.

We use 100% fully recyclable packaging materials when ever possible!



The Propagation Process.

In this part we will explain the propagation process in which we produce more plants.
We stock over five hundred mother plants in our care and we are constantly propagting and rooting these rare exotic plants so that other collectors can enjoy them, it all starts by selecting the most beautiful examples.

1: We carefuly study each plant before the propagation process begins, once we have hand selected a medium to large specimen in which to propagate, we will start to “air layer” the ariel roots, this will ensure each cutting will have the best chance at surviving the seperation.

2: After the seperation from the mother plant its important you allow the cutting to “callus” which is to dry out at the newly cut ends. Once this has happened the sealing process can begin in which the cuts are first dipped in cinnamon powder this is an organic method to treat any infections the new cuts might harbor and then finally adding soft melted wax to the new cuts to ensure fungus or bacteria cannot attack the new wounds later on whilst the new cutting is getting established.

3: We now have complete seperation from the mother plant and the new cutting is actively feeding by itself and starting to push out new growth, this can take upto 4 months depending on the species of plant we are propagating.

“Excellent service from start to finish”

Sue from Cornwall